Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Sarah a lovely friend at Tiggertastic http://tiggertastic.blogspot.com/ Has been so very kind and has given me these awards! I love them thank you, it has made my day, i havn't been blogging long and to receive this is just amazing! thank you Sarah!!

I would like to pass them on to three of my other CB friends!

Enjoy Ladies!!


Jules said...

Aww bless, thank you so much hunny xxx

Max said...

Well done and Congratulaions on your awards ... your blog is super and you certainly deserve these awards for being such a lovely lady.

pinkpuppy said...

O thank you Max that is so sweet of you.

tiggertastic said...

You are very welcome hun. Enjoy your awards

Sarah xx

crafty_george said...

Thanks for the award tou are so knid Louise.