Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cherry on top Blog Award

Thank you so much Heike for the lovely reward, it was a treat to have :)
This award is linked to a few rules..

1) Thank the person, who gave you the award.
2) Put the award on your blog.
3) List 3 things about yourself.
4) Post a picture you love.
5) Tag 5 other people for the award.

1 & 2 are already done.
3) I love Latte's! Cooking and i'm a dancer!
4) I love this photo, i took it while out for a drive, and there in front of use where all these cows, so lovely to see.The 5 people i am going to tag are...


Creations by Copse



Glitzzy's place

Canvas paintings & a card!

I have never painted on canvas before, and since making these, i am hooked! why o, why, haven't i tried this before!! I love it :)
I stamped on the canvas first, before using my water colours on them.
I also did a card to match the fairys on canvas.
Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Cards and note pads

As you can see i have had lots of fun making these note pads hehe! plan to make lots more too!

The card with the cute puppy on it, was a stamp that a friend of mine Kaz gave me for my birthday, the other card was for a another friend of mine, thats recently lost her mum.

Dads birthday card

I eventually came up with an idea, for a card to make my dad, male cards i find are hard to do! Hope you like it :)

Big shot cards

Yay i got a big shot!!!!!!!! How fab is that :)
well i have been busy playing with it as i am sure you would of guessed hehe and here is a few of the makes that ive done so far..