Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Yay My first knitting!!

I am so Pleased, I have made my first ever scarf!!
I can't knit what so ever, and have often thought how nice it would be to be able to knit.
I got this Knifty Knitter loom, as one of my gifts when i was made Member of the month, on the craft forum.
As i have been unwell lately it gave me the chance to sit down and have a go, and do you no what? it is so easy and quick to do, so OK i can't knit, but i can still make knitted items lol
Here is the scarf i have made, it is very soft and bouncy.
I plan to make some other things with it too, so watch this space lol 


Rachel said...

Its a gorgeous scarf Louise, well done mum boght me a ook on knitting for christmas so I will have a go one day...soon...perhaps????


Cazzy said...

Very pretty scarf. I have wondered about those knitter things.

torpenhow07 said...

Louise this is a very pretty scarf and it looks really warm too.
I have wondered about those knitting gadgets.

tiggertastic said...

what a lovely make Louise, i can see you wearing that, such soft pretty colours

Sarah x

Heather said...

Louise your scarf is lovely! I've been knitting a scarf too (I can't knit very well either) all I can say is its a good job the wool I'm using is fluffy because you can't see all of my mistakes!!!!

Look forward to seeing some more of your knitted makes!

Love Heather x

julietk said...

Your scarf looks lovely and as a slow knitter I am amazed at the tool too How does it work :) Juliet

Kim Dellow said...

Yummy scarf looks so soft. Well done Louise. Kim

kerryannebates said...

I think that maybe you should start making a few more to sell in the future because this is great and I know I would buy one and I'm sure some other people on here would do also. Keep up the great knitting !!
Kerryanne xx

Denyze said...

Louise, well done on the gorgeouse scarf, I can knit but have never attempted to follow a patternm. Love the colours you've used.

Denyze said...

Me again!, forgot to tell you I've left something on my blog for you.

Take care hun