Thursday, 4 February 2010

Meet Billy :)

I made billy the other week and love him to bits he is so cute, he's 9" tall and is made from mohair and glass eyes and so on, the same as the others i have made.
Hope you like him too :)


jackiescrafts said...

Hi Louise
It's great to see you back blogging
I'm loving Billy and your other makes are fab too
Hugs Jackie x

Queenie said...

Beautiful cards and Billy is so cute!!
Give Billy a hug from me.

ENJAY said...

Oh WOW!! He is just gorgeous!! what a character you've given him!! Welldone perfect!.

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

OMG he's adorable please can I take him home with me?? please please!!

Helen x x

Kathleen said...

I want one!!!!

Why do I feel like I am back in third grade!?

He is a beaut! Handsome, spiffy. Squish!

pinkpuppy said...

Hehe thank you all for your lovely comments :)

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

I have only started to come on line again,so trying to catch up with friends,I still owe you a gift,not forgot,just not been out much to get something yet..
Your Billy, is so beautiful,I luv him,what a heirloom you have made.
Hope you are well Louise,will you pop over to my blog,have something for you.
Take care Luv Maureen x

Sequin Bead said...

Awww Hello Bily the Bear, how adoreable and cuddly are you? what a fabulous creator you have

well done louise, he is just beautiful

natalie x

Cambiel said...

awww Billy is sooo cute! I love him to pieces too Louise. Hope all is going well for you. Hugs, Chris xxx

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Hi Louise - he is sooooooo cute and gorgeous - you are so talented at making these teddies - you must have a huge collection now - Love and hugs Michelle xxx

Karen said...

What a sweetie! He's gorgeous.