Thursday, 16 September 2010

Strawberry jam, yummy!

I decided while I was in the supermarket, that I would have a go at jam making, yes you heard right, hehe, I have never ever made it before, but aparently, my breadmaker has a jam setting, and the leaflet that came with it has the recipe :) yay! got me strawberrys and jam sugar, forgot the lemon, tut tut, so ran back to shops hehe.

Its all in the machine, now, so only time will tell, if it works or not!! wish me luck, if it works i'll post a picture up :)


Spyder said...

ohoooohooo Strawberry jam!! I have made it years and years ago, but haven't since because I used my mum's very old and large sauce pan and all mine are too small, unless I use about six of them! (which I haven't got)
It'll be great, Home Made Jame by PinkPuppy!You'll have to make a Pink Puppy label!


pinkpuppy said...

Hehe thats a fab idea, to make my pinkpuppy labels :)

It was very yummy, and went down well with homemade scones too!!

Susan.... said...

l will have to try that Louise.l have got a bread maker,but have never made jam in it !
Glad it came out well X