Thursday, 29 September 2011

Im growing pumpkins

Yay its exciting stuff this home growing lark hehe..

My brother gave me two tiny pumpkin plants some months back, so i put them in either end of a grow bag :)

My brother failed to tell me they would take over the garden!! I got one going down the side of the house and the other onto all the building materials lol

But look i have a pumpkin and its getting big too!! hehe

Got about 5 small ones too, that i am hoping will also grow, well see :)

Got quite a few other veggies growing, all doing ok, well most are haha

Will it be ready in time for halloween? i hope so :)


Luckydawn said...

Louise, just wanted you to know how much you have inspired me by your friendship on the CB forum and also for your great charity crazy hat walk. I have left a little something for you on my blog if you would like to collect it :) x

Luckydawn said...

Hi Louise, not sure if I have posted this already for you but can't seem to see my comment. I have left a little award for you on my Blog. Your work and your charity hat walk have really inspired me and thought you deserved this award x

pinkpuppy said...

Thank you ever so much Dawn, sorry i took so long lol xx